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Germany’s Varied Casino Destinations

The German casino landscape is as varied as its cultural heritage, encompassing the classic charm of Baden-Baden and the contemporary buzz of Berlin. At, we explore this diversity, offering access to a spectrum of choices, whether you’re after luxury, thrill, or a unique combination of both.

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A Majestic Journey Through Germany’s Elite Casino Hotels


In the vibrant core of Germany, a land steeped in rich history and contemporary flair, lies a remarkable array of casino hotels, epitomizing the pinnacle of luxury and entertainment. Embark with us on an enchanting voyage from the energetic heart of Berlin to the classic sophistication of Baden-Baden, from the modern charm of Dortmund to the tranquil shores of Bad Wiessee. Each of these hotels transcends the typical gaming experience, symbolizing extraordinary hospitality and thrilling casino adventures.

Prepare for a captivating tour of Germany’s premier casino hotels, where each destination offers much more than mere gambling opportunities. It’s a gateway into a realm of extravagance. Bask in the grandeur of elite casinos, indulge in sumptuous accommodations, savor gourmet culinary delights, and immerse in vibrant entertainment. These experiences are thoughtfully designed to transform your visit into an unparalleled journey. Whether you are an avid gambler or a connoisseur of luxury, these casino hotels provide a spectacular blend of excitement, elegance, and the distinct charm of Germany.

Spielbank Berlin

Situated in the pulsating core of Germany’s capital, Spielbank Berlin stands as a beacon of luxury and exhilaration. This prestigious establishment is not just renowned for its magnificent casino but also for offering a diverse range of gaming experiences, luxurious accommodations, fine dining, and elite entertainment options. Operating tirelessly around the clock, Spielbank Berlin represents the ultimate blend of non-stop excitement and elegance.

Located at the vibrant Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 1, 10785 Berlin, this casino is a key element of Berlin’s dynamic ethos. Spielbank Berlin transcends the mere excitement of gaming; it is a symbol of sophisticated lifestyle, perfectly fusing high-end opulence with the energetic rhythm of urban Berlin. Each visit to this destination promises an unmatched journey, where sumptuousness meets the lively spirit of the city.


  • Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 1, 10785 Berlin, Germany


Working Hours:

  • Monday – Sunday: 11 am till 3 am

Casino Baden-Baden

In the scenic realm of Baden-Baden, the Casino Baden-Baden stands as an emblem of timeless elegance and historical richness. Celebrated for its lavish interiors and noble heritage, this casino presents a blend of classical and modern gaming experiences, complemented by luxurious hotel amenities, fine dining, and premier entertainment. Nestled within the renowned Kurhaus, Casino Baden-Baden transcends being a mere gaming destination; it is an excursion into an era of refined sophistication.

Located at Kaiserallee 1, 76530 Baden-Baden, the casino captures the town’s distinct allure. Casino Baden-Baden epitomizes historical grace, seamlessly integrating the legacy of the past with contemporary opulence. A visit to this casino is more than a regular gambling experience; it’s an invitation to a realm where old-world charm gracefully converges with modern luxury.


  • Kaiserallee 1, 76530 Baden-Baden, Germany


Working Hours:

  • Sunday – Thursday: 4 pm till 2 am
  • Friday and Saturday: 4 pm till 3 am

Casino Dortmund-Hohensyburg

Elevated on the hills of Hohensyburg, Casino Dortmund-Hohensyburg emerges as a modern emblem of entertainment and high-end living. Distinguished by its contemporary architecture and stunning vistas, this casino encompasses a varied array of gaming options, sophisticated accommodations, gourmet dining, and premier entertainment. Operating daily, Casino Dortmund-Hohensyburg stands as a paragon of modern-day splendor and thrill.

Situated at Hohensyburgstraße 200, 44265 Dortmund, the casino mirrors the innovative essence of Dortmund. Casino Dortmund-Hohensyburg goes beyond traditional gaming; it is a festivity of modern luxury, harmoniously blending cutting-edge design with the vibrant atmosphere of the city. Each visit here transforms into an exceptional experience, where the height of luxury aligns with Dortmund’s forward-thinking spirit.


  • Hohensyburgstraße 200, 44265 Dortmund, Germany


Working Hours:

  • Sunday – Thursday: 4 pm till 3 am
  • Friday and Saturday: 4 pm till4 am

Casino Bad Wiessee

Nestled beside the peaceful shores of Lake Tegernsee, Casino Bad Wiessee beckons with a gaming experience that balances tranquility with exhilaration. Known for its picturesque location and refined design, the casino offers a range of gaming activities, opulent accommodations, gourmet dining options, and engaging entertainment. With its unique lakeside position, Casino Bad Wiessee stands as a symbol of a serene escape infused with the thrill of gaming.

Positioned at Winner 1, 83707 Bad Wiessee, the casino embodies the tranquil spirit of the Bavarian Alps. Casino Bad Wiessee elevates beyond conventional gaming venues; it’s a harmonious blend of peaceful luxury and the enchanting allure of a lakeside retreat. Each visit here is an extraordinary experience, a perfect union of calm and excitement in a stunning alpine setting.


  • Winner 1, 83707 Bad Wiessee, Germany


Working Hours:

  • Sunday – Thursday: 4 pm till 1 am
  • Friday and Saturday: 4 pm till 2 am

Casino Stuttgart

Casino Stuttgart is located in the vibrant heart of Stuttgart! Our establishment boasts a contemporary and dynamic gaming experience that’s sure to leave you thrilled. Renowned for its modern ambiance and lively atmosphere, Casino Stuttgart offers a diverse range of gaming options, luxurious accommodations, exceptional dining choices, and top-notch entertainment. We’re your gateway to cutting-edge entertainment, and our doors are open daily to ensure a constant stream of excitement and sophistication.

Conveniently situated at Plieninger Str. 100, 70567 Stuttgart, our casino perfectly embodies the dynamic and innovative spirit of Stuttgart. Casino Stuttgart transcends being merely a gaming hub; it’s a reflection of contemporary living, seamlessly blending opulent luxury with Stuttgart’s vibrant urban rhythm. Each visit to our establishment promises an extraordinary adventure where elegance converges with the lively pulse of Stuttgart. Come experience it for yourself!


  • Plieninger Str. 100, 70567 Stuttgart, Germany


Working Hours:

  • Sunday – Thursday: 4 pm till 2 am
  • Friday and Saturday: 4 pm till 4 am

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